Inspired Change About Us

About us

Inspired Change is a Business Consultancy operating in the East of England, and we specialise in performance management, cashflow management and the Balanced Scorecard.

Our Vision

At Inspired Change our vision is to help many people and businesses achieve greater success through improved performance. Our vision embraces those with drive and ambition. The role of Inspired Change is to harness the drive and focus the ambition.

Our Focus

As a company we will focus our energies on supporting the local business community, inspiring business and community leaders, and being part of our local community. We work closely with various organisations to identify areas for improvement and streamline processes. In every engagement we will guide the client towards a sustainable improvement in performance ultimately delivering superior results. Our clients will feel a sense of personal achievement at each stage of the engagement, and we will jointly celebrate the success.

Our Promise

One of our core values is to work with trust and respect towards our clients and each other. We will always operate within the boundaries of confidentiality but ensure we create an environment of creative thinking.


Our Values

Trust and Respect – We always set out to develop a mutual trust and respect for each other, and in their working relationships. Trust in the abilities of others and the contributions they can make. Respect for others’ views, opinions, decisions and personal values.

Positive Attitude – We aspire to  have a positive attitude and are committed to achieving excellent outcomes, enjoy challenging times as well as the successful ones. We encourage our people to have courage and resilience, to stretch themselves and to operate outside their comfort zone so that they grow and in turn strengthen the company.

Being Present – We will be there for our colleagues, our clients and our contacts, to support them when they need us, and to celebrate with them in their successes.

Social Responsibility – We aspire to contribute positively towards the local community. We are proud to be ambassadors for the business community in working with young people. Through Inspired Youth, Inspired Women, and Inspired 2 Run,  we look to inspire the business community to support the development and wellbeing of our community.