Inspired Group

Inspired Change is part of the Inspired Group, a wider group of projects and companies built on the same ethos and ethics.


The Inspired Group is a collective of companies & projects with a shared ethos of helping others to better themselves & become the best they can be.


A local consultancy firm focussed on cashflow & financial management, & supporting the journey of growth under-pinned by the balanced scorecard philosophy of performance management.


A social enterprise built on the foundations of bringing local employers together with local young people to promote careers aspirations. Now working with over 6000 young people across East Anglia, Inspired Youth is about developing personal career development journeys for young people using the philosophy of inspiration, aspiration & destination.


Currently a project within the Inspired Youth portfolio, Inspired Women is very much focused on raising the aspirations in young women through a female business and community network. Projects are aimed at bringing together small groups to address issues such as body confidence, self esteem and inspiration with a view to raising career aspirations.


Inspired Academy is aimed a promotingĀ self development within business owners & managers through being inspired by others. Built on a philosophy of creating a space to inspire people to be the best they can be, the Academy will start in 2018 & will be available across online platforms, direct delivery & focussed individual support.



A local project to create an inclusive opportunity for people of all ages to participate in a 5k run for charity. The Fun Run is for individuals & teams to complete a 5k circuit either as a sole participant or as part of a relay. The event is also raising money for Inspired Youth, to continue the work in the local community inspiring young people.