Cashflow Modelling

Any senior person or business owner responsible for cash assets in their organisation will have sleepless nights at some point.  “How much have we got, how much will we need and will we have enough when “that time of the year” comes along again.”  It really does causes sleepless nights, cancelled holidays and a routine of checking bank balances first thing every morning. This stressful routine is where a catchphrase was born: “Profit is Queen. Cash is the King.” Well they are, and it is important, but actually you are the master of both.

The uncertainty of levels of cash in any organisation is one of the most crippling and stress related issues Directors and Managers face. With so many variables coming into play, forecasting your cash balance seems an impossible task and therefore more often than not put to one side. Instead you rely on gut feeling and your current bank balance to steer future decisions.  The time lost in inspiring your organisation can’t be replaced.  So give yourself the tools to get the facts, relieve the stress, and get back to doing what you do best, leading your organisation.


How can we help?

Ultimately, everything that happens in your organisation is a result of what you do, how you do it and when you do it. Modelling how cash moves around your organisation is about understanding how the organisation operates, and how cash is impacted by it.  We can help build that understanding and provide you with the tools to explore the impact you are having through your decisions.

These models aren’t new, we have used them for over 15 years to steer various organisations through challenging times. Here is what one of our clients had to say about the process:

Before working with Inspired Change, we didn’t have enough robust financial information. We have always had good financials, but as the business had grown so aggressively within a two year period, we needed much more up-to-date, monthly information to base our management decisions on.  The biggest impact Inspired Change has had on our business is that it has given the managers of each department a better financial understanding to make correct decisions – and given them much more responsibility so that they are able to run their own department much more effectively.”  Liam Betts – MD of Gasway and RFT


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