Inspired Academy

A space for you to be inspired and grow

Its surprising how the performance of your business is driven by the quality of leadership within it. In so many organisations, newly promoted managers come into the role with technical experience, and are probably seen by managers and colleagues alike as the “Experts”, and yet being a manager is not just about being an “Expert” it’s also about being a leader.

Reflecting on your skills as a leader you will know that this experience has built up over many years. If you have done Leadership Training before you were probably grateful for the opportunity to gain some knowledge, but you probably still feel the greatest development came through the guidance and insights of another.

The Inspired Academy is about creating that space for you to develop through others.  Not a course to attend and to be taught, but an opportunity to be inspired through peer support, expert advice, and creative discussion.  What you take back to your organisation is for you to decide, and you to own.